Oscar H. Hancock - Civil War Veteran

Oscar came to Hillsdale with leather working skills he had learned from his father, a shoemaker. Oscar developed a business making and repairing harnesses and saddles until the outbreak of the war. Then he left his business and joined the 27th Michigan Infantry as a 1st Lieutenant.

            Oscar Hancock's grocery store in Hillsdale, MI

            Oscar Hancock's grocery store in Hillsdale, MI

Oscar's unit eventually joined Major General Ambrose Burnside's Army of the Potomac. As was true for all the soldiers in both armies, the conditions under which they lived were terrible. In fact, more soldiers died of diseases than did of gunshot wounds. Oscar eventually became so sick that he was sent home, never to return to his unit.

Oscar built the home that now sits on Five-Corners in Hillsdale. 

JoAnne P. Miller