Show and Tell - Monday, April 22, at 7:30 p.m., at the Poorhouse

Bring a treasure—and a story about it—to share with the membership. Following the presentations we’ll have refreshments and a chance to admire each other’s treasures.

Hillsdale County Historical Society Field Trip

In the spring the Society will take a field trip to see Tom Walworth’s home on Broad St. Details are being finalized. Keep tuned.

This home on Broad Street was built in 1858 and purchased by Tom Walworth in 1985. The first few years were spent making it livable. In 1990 the real restoration began … plagued by gremlins who seemed intent on interference.

The woodwork and windows were all original, but had been painted and needed loving care. By 2000 restoration of several rooms had been completed when an old boiler failed, spewing boiling water and leaving the wallpaper hanging in shreds like a tropical jungle. Back to square one, work began again and was far enough along by 2005 for it to be on a home tour. The next year, however, a lightening strike ripped a hole in the roof. Damage was contained when helpful neighbors rushed to assist with garden hoses, and the fire department arrived in time to limit the damage. In 2007 the home was again on tour, this time for the Garden Club.

The home can be seen from above in an 1866 rendering of Hillsdale. There were few homes in the areas, making it probable that lumber for the building was cut on-site. The home has two staircases, one for servants in the back and one for the family in the front. A carriage house sits behind the house, and behind that is a 1930 greenhouse with 14’ ceilings that was purchased in Ohio, torn down and reassembled in Hillsdale.