2nd Lt. John MacRitchie - World War I Veteran

Jack enlisted in the Marines in the spring of 1918, around the time that the Russians surrendered to the Germans and the United States entered the war.  The Germans moved 50 divisions from the eastern front into France, hoping to conquer the French before the Americans entered the war.  The Marine Corps has a reputation for boldness and courage.  This was demonstrated at the Battle Of Belleau Woods, where the Germans had punched a hole in the French line.  After a forced march of over six miles, U. S. General James Harbord, countermanded a French order to dig trenches further to the rear and ordered his Marines to “hold where they stand.”    Jack and his comrades waited in shallow trenches until the Germans were within 100 yards before opening with deadly fire, mowing down waves of German infantry and forcing the survivors to retreat into the woods. Jack was in most of the remaining important World War I battles, helping to bring victory to the Entente Powers.

JoAnne P. MIller