John L. Frisbie - Civil War Veteran

Joining the movement to settle the west, John's family came from New York State to  settle in Litchfield.  His career path led to an apprenticeship in the Jonesville Telegraph, where he ascended to journeyman status, working at the paper until 1861.  

At the outbreak of the Civil War, John answered the call of the Union and enlisted in Company A, 11th Michigan Cavalry, where he was named a Lieutenant.  He was impressive on the field of battle and was soon promoted to Captain.  He was also recognized as an intelligent and organized man and, in the last year of the war, served as Assistant Inspector General on the staff of Gen. S.B. Brown.

Armed with his service record and underpinned by a personality that inspired confidence, John entered local politics and then served as a clerk for the Michigan State Senate.  Locally he owned several businesses with his son-in-law Daniel Kinyon, including a grocery store and livery stable.  He built a lovely brick house on Reading Avenue.

Meanwhile the movement of white settlers across the country continued.  To facilitate this, John was appointed Superintendent to remove the Ponca Indians from Dakota to their reservation in the Indian Territory.  Having efficiently opened another part of the continent for white settlers, John was appointed U.S. Counsel in Brazil, then promoted to the Consular Service in France, where he died.


JoAnne P. Miller