Cpl. Harold VanWye - World War II Veteran

Harold’s service was to the wounded, who flew home from North Africa twice a week in groups of about 100.  He was a Special Diet Cook in Coral Gables and Miami Beach, Florida, where the military took over four hotels: the Floridian, the Biltmore, the King Cole and the Nautilus.  The Evacuees were rehabilitated until they were either well enough to transfer to a hospital closer to their familes or recovered and ready to return to the war zones. The Harvard Trouser Company was enlisted as a manufacturer of military uniforms during World War II.  Harold VanWye was an employee of the company and was the first young man to leave for military service.  At the end of the war the federal government  told Harry Falk, the current owner of the company, to keep the unused material.  Harry had some of the suit material made into a blanket, with shirt material as a binding.

JoAnne P. Miller