The Grosvenor Home 

In Jonesville, diagonally across Maumee Street from the Munro house is the Grosvenor home, now maintained as a museum. In 1840, the Hon. Ebenezer O. Grosvenor arrived in Jonesville. He was in the mercantile business and established the Grosvenor Savings Bank. His house (below left) was built of locally fired bricks, a sign that Hillsdale County had the ability to build without having to rely on outside sources for the materials that went into a fine home (notice the Glasgow house in the rear to the right.  This later became the Ashby home and now has a new owner). 

Ebenezer's influence extended to the state of Michigan. He served two terms as Lt. Governor and eight years on the State Building Commission, which was responsible for the building of the State Capitol. Mr. Ebenezer and his fellow commissioners achieved a goal that is rarely met:  The building of the State Capitol came in under budget, having $4,000 left in the bank at it completion!

Perhaps Ebenezer's greatest accomplishment, however, was marrying Sally Ann Champlin in 1844 without agitating Chief Baw Beese. Earlier, Baw Beese determined that Sally Ann would be an admirable wife for his son. Sally's father succeeded in doing some fancy diplomatic dancing to refuse the honor that had been conferred on his family.

Four generations of Grosvenors lived at the house in Jonesville before it became a rooming house. Restored now to its former glory and operating as the Grosvenor Museum, it's well worth a visit.


JoAnne P. Miller