Ensign George W. Woodard - World War I Veteran

George was a graduate of Hillsdale College and principal of Litchfield High School when America declared war in 1918.  George joined the Navy and, with his training complete, was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga, which immediately set out for France.  A German submarine attacked them, shelling the ship from close range, then firing on the sailors who had escaped into lifeboats.  George commanded one of the life boats that had escaped the shells.  However, the submarine crew found them and took George, who had been recognized as an officer, on board their U-boat.  Several hours later he was found clinging to a submerged life raft with nine other men.  When another life raft drifted by, George helped the other men to board it.  Before he could climb on, the rough seas separated him from his salvation... and he was never seen again.  Such heroism and self-sacrifice defy the power of eloquence or praise.

JoAnne P. Miller