General Stores


Michael Samm, a native of Hamburg, Germany, built the three-story brick building on North Howell Street in 1864. His son, H.W. Samm ran the family store (between the Keefer and Guggenheim blocks) for many years. The building remained in the same family for over 100 years.  Local Finance Co. was located on the first floor for many years.







Oscar Hancock's store also on Howell Street, began business in 1864 and maintained an excellent reputation until being bought out by H. Lawrence and Son in 1899.  Mr. Hancock, a Civil War Veteran, was best known for the fine home he built at the beginning of Reading Avenue at what is now known as the Five Corners in Hillsdale.





What began as Michael Hagaman picking up a few items in Hillsdale for his neighbors resulted  in his son Isaac building a store at the corner of Hillsdale and Territorial Roads.  Known as Hagaman's Corners, their land once covered the area now developed as Lake Diane.



Carol A. Lackey