Cpl. Charles L. Moore - Korean War Era Veteran

Charlie was in the last class to be called up for service during World War II. After having a physical and preparing to enter the army the war ended, and Charlie was no longer needed in the military.  Of course, that meant that he was in the first class to be called up after the war had ended and tensions between the USSR and the west were rising.  In the early days of simmering uncertainty that would eventually be called the Cold War, Charlie’s unit was sent to Germany.

It turned out that Charlie, like young men in every generation, benefited from the discipline and direction the military imposed.  He was in college at the time he was drafted, half wanting to stay and half ready to drop out.  By the time he was discharged from the military, Charlie felt he had a direction. Through his brother he got involved in the insurance business.  His assistance with the John Taylor Insurance Agency in Hillsdale after Mr. Taylor's death led to his purchase of the Agency.

JoAnne P. Miller