Dr. Arvin F. Whelan - Civil War Veteran

Arvin was one of those people who absolutely loved to learn. In New York State he not only attended the common (public) schools, but also was tutored by his father. His leisure activity of choice was to pursue knowledge on his own. After a thorough medical course of training he came to Hillsdale to be a partner of Dr. E.D. Cone.  At the outbreak of the Civil War, Arvin entered the army as an assistant surgeon of the 11th Michigan Infantry, later becoming the surgeon of the 1st Michigan Sharpshooters. His medical credentials firmly established, he ultimately became surgeon-in-chief  of the Third Division of the Ninth Army Corps. As in all wars, the large number of traumatic wounds presented doctors with an opportunity to advance medicine in how to best treat them - unfortunately often at the expense of the soldiers. But doctors weren't immune to gunshots either, and Arvin was wounded three times.

Arvin returned to Hillsdale after the war and built a large medical practice. He served as an Alderman and president of the village as well as County Treasurer. His most prominent role was as a member of the State Medical Society, where he was the first president of the Southern Michigan Medical Society.

JoAnne P. Miller