Seaman 1st Class Albert Notten, Jr.

Korean War Veteran

With the end of World War II, our fragile partnership with the USSR during the war disappeared and the "Cold War" commenced. Democracies saw the growing threat of Communism and took steps to combat it.  

The ability of the Navy to be operational in all climates led to a 19 day true cold war in the Arctic. Albert was assigned to the U.S.S. Albany, a heavy cruiser and the flag ship of the fleet sent to test clothing and newly developed cold weather weapons. Fierce norther gales, treacherous currents and persistent cold and fog were pitted against modern Navy equipment. 

During the Korean War the U.S.S. Albany was part of the Sixth Task Force, which patrolled the Mediterranean Sea. The fleet was there to back up the growing armies of anti-Communist Mediterranean nations should the need arise.

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Albert lied about his age so that he could join the Navy. He served on the Albany as machine mechanic and barber, enjoying his service very much. Only one thing bothered him, and that was the open air food markets in the ports of call. The flies clinging to hanging hunks of meat were too much. He wouldn't eat foreign food after he got home. Soon after his discharge from the Navy, Albert married Deloris A. Walker.

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