When created, the Hillsdale County Rescue Squad was a totally volunteer group, relying on donations of time, space and equipment to exist. These eleven of fourteen member are (left to right) John Underwood, Lieutenant; Robert Ferro; Theron (Casey Wickham; George Woods; Arthur Hammond, secretary; Jack Hall; Henry Evans; Harry Payne; William VanHorn, captain; John Laird; Duane Lovejoy. Absent from the picture were Ed Rockwood, Al States and Walter Richard.

The early Rescue Squad was a "jack of all trades" organization, performing water, automotive accident and any other type of rescue needed. Baw Beese Lake rescues often originated  at Laird's Marina (just past the first curve after Waterworks Park), where John manned the boat and Kathleen and daughters Mary, Ann and Patty observed.



Gleen Sheren of Mason, MI was first awarded a U.S. patent for an automotive seat belt in 1958. It was not until 1984 that seat belt use became mandatory in the U.S. (Note: Accident pictures were taken within Hillsdale County by Jack Hall.)





Carol A. Lackey