State of Michigan Historic Marker

On Sat., Oct. 7, an official State of Michigan Historic Marker at Lewis Emery Park was dedicated.

Lewis Emery volunteered the use of his land for training the 18th Michigan Regiment in 1862, and the men went into encampment to learn how to be soldiers. The camp was located at the top of the hill to the east of the current entrance to Lewis Emery Park. 

The 92 acres that would become Lewis Emery Park were a swampland until the 1930s. In an effort to end the Depression, the government set up public works projects that would employ the out-of-work men. The government eventually offered construction jobs to almost one-third of the nation's unemployed. In Hillsdale, assisted by some of these workers, five ponds were dug for the raising of bluegill and bass, and the swamp was turned into a place for anyone to enjoy. 

Thanks to the efforts of Bill and Barb Smith, we are honoring the historic significance of Emery Park.

Hillsdale County Fair

From the sweltering beginning of Fair Week until the more seasonal weather at the end, the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds Museum had many interested and interesting visitors.

Will Carleton Farm Festival

An absolutely perfect day (if you ignore the brief and shocking showers in the afternoon) brought many visitors to the Farm Festival and Sharron Watkins Memorial Cruise In, which was organized by the Bicentennial Car Club. Along with the old tractors from the Center Adams Antique Power and Machinery Club, the old cars were a good match. 

Family of the late Sharron Watkins were present for the Cruise In that was organized in her honor

Family of the late Sharron Watkins were present for the Cruise In that was organized in her honor

Family members of the late Sharron Watkins gathered to honor her memory, along with those of us in the Society who were fortunate enough to get to know her.





The Vanished Hillsdale Sixth Reunion was marked by a presentation by Dan Bisher on early settlers and settlements. The VH Facebook page has a video of Dan's presentation.