Montgomery, MI

Capt. Benge is third from the left

"Come-a-Fishing" was the notation on the back of this picture of Little Long Lake, southwest of Camden. The note went further to state that the writer had recently "traded for." The write, L.D. Hutchins, explained that this property had more than 100 acres, good fishing and a fine bathing beach.



Originally known as "Frog Eye" because of the frog ponds, the Village was officially named "Montgomery" after William R. Montgomery, Hillsdale County Register of Deed, because he recorded the village plat at no charge.


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When the Montgomery High School closed, the building was purchased by the Crotty Corporations, makers of "Mae West" life jackets.

The Lakeshore and Michigan Southern Railroad was surveyed in 1868 and within a couple of years became a major link for the village.



Carol A. Lackey