Michael McIntyre - Civil War Veteran

Michael attended "common" (grade) school in Hillsdale and then went on to Hillsdale College. Unlike many lawyers who came to their profession through a kind of apprenticeship with a practicing lawyer, Michael attended the law school at The University of Michigan.

Even with his advanced degrees, Michael was unassuming. At the outbreak of the Civil War he joined the 2nd Michigan Cavalry as a private. His rise was rapid. Soon he was transferred to the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, where he was promoted to sergeant major, then 2nd lieutenant, then 1st lieutenant. Ultimately he was appointed judge advocate of the general court-martial, a position he held for four years until the end of the war. 

The trust he inspired in his military comrades and superiors also inspired his fellow citizens when he returned to Hillsdale after the war. He was elected the prosecuting attorney and then probate judge, a position he held for 16 years. He was best known, however, as an inveterate reader, possessing an extensive and varied library that provided him with a wide understanding of ancient history and current events.  

Michael joked that he hoped he would die quickly, quietly and without fuss. He got his wish, complaining of chest pain one afternoon and dying before the doctor could arrive.

JoAnne P. Miller