Homes to Parking Lots

As Joni Mitchell would sing, “Pave Paradise, put up a parking lot … “ which is exactly what was done on Manny Street. The beautiful upper scale homes were destroyed in order to provide more than adequate parking for downtown Hillsdale.

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The H.B. Waldron (formerly William Waldron) home, which became the Hillsdale Hospital, then Sanderson Hotel. Today the location is the HIllsdale Place (high-rise) parking lot.


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The original Cook—later Stewart—home was torn down for a city parking lot.

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The Underwood home was home of the city’s first mayor. When built the house was located in the woods, on the “outskirts of Hillsdale.” It was torn down to become a parking lot.

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The Gridley home, at one time the Presbyterian Manse, was originally torn down for a car dealership, but became a parking lot.

Carol A. Lackey