Hillsdale County and the Civil War

Prior to the arrival of Hillsdale College and the Free Will Baptists, the Hillsdale Community remained indifferent to the issue of slavery in the Southern States.  For many years the abolition movement was thought extreme.  The messages preached by President Fairfield and Ransom Dunn helped change the views of many to absolute opposition.  Reportedly, 183 boys left Hillsdale College to enroll in the Union Army.

More than 2300 County residents served in the Civil War, between 1861 and 1865.  Area men of age – plus some not quite of age – showed their patriotism by enlisting.  They were from all walks of life. Those left behind watched the local newspapers, checking for death notices of family and friends.  Many who were able to return suffered war-related maladies for the rest of their lives.

JoAnne P. Miller

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