Dr. Sawyer's Letter

This letter from Dr. Sawyer to his son Tom is about 100 years old. Tom was in Europe, involved in The Great War. Dr. Sawyer was the vice president of the Alamo Manufacturing Company in 1905, and he shares some news about events there (CLICK HERE to read about the Alamo.)

Dr. Sawyer had the first x-ray machine in Hillsdale—in his office. He tells about Mabel getting some training in using it. Finally, Dr. Sawyer muses that he may be able to get in some golf. (For a not-so-glorious story about his golfing CLICK HERE.)

Dr. Sawyer’s Great Grandson Charles sent this to Brad Young, and Brad shared it with the Hillsdale County Historical Society so that everyone can enjoy it. 

Below the letter is a very short bit of gossip from the Dec. 9, 1902 Hillsdale Standard letting Hillsdale County know about Dr. Sawyer's x-ray machine. Brad sent that too.


And finally, Thomas Sawyer, grandson of Walter, wrote a book about his family, which the Mitchell Research Library has in it’s collection?  Thomas was the father of Charles Sawyer who provided Brad Young with the Dr. Sawyer letter below. A page from Thomas's book makes reference in the first paragraph to Dr. Walter Sawyer’s X-ray machine.